Top 5 Makeup Tips For Concealing Blemishes and Spots

Spots, breakouts, and blemishes are always the unwelcome addition to your skin complexion. From diets to hormones, spots can be caused by a number of things but what’s important is ensuring that they go unnoticed. When you’ve got a great job interview or an exciting event to go to, huge spots tends to suddenly appear. Applying a makeup can, therefore, help you conceal these blemishes. Follow these amazing tips and your spots will not bother you again.

15 color concealer palette

1. Choose your foundation well
If you are suffering from spots, applying a a lot of makeup can damage your skin. Start off with a small base. If you can’t go without a foundation, try using an oil free formula. There are also a lot foundations that you can use if your skin is oily.

15 color concealer palette2. Conceal and cover
Finding the right concealer to match your foundation and skin tone is very important. If you choose the wrong color, you will attract attention to the spot. Choose a color shade that works with your foundation and blends into your skin well. One of the best concealers that you can use is 15 color concealer palette which is a range of 15 multiple concealer colors with different tones. Also, avoiding using too much concealers on your spots is also necessary.

15 color concealer palette2. Focus on your lips and eyes
Whether you have a blemished skin or not, you can put on any makeup look. Instead of allowing your spots to rule, just know where you want to focus on. Strong statement looks such as statement lips and smoky eyes are great way of distracting people from your problematic skin.

15 color concealer palette3. Know your skin type
Dealing with spots or blemishes starts with choosing the product. Avoid using oily or highly perfumed products that will affect your skin. It’s also important to maintain a good skin care regime. While everyone understands the significance of washing a makeup at night, this is much more important if you have a spot prone skin since dirt and makeup can block spores and lead to breakups.

15 color concealer palette4. Choose the right primer
To keep your concealer in place, you need an oil free makeup. Although it can be difficult to keep a concealer in place, a good primer always does the work. Lightweight primers are not only easier on oily skins but are also less likely to affect the acne. You may also apply a primer having a SPF protection if you have a hyper-pigmentation or scarring. This is because exposure to the sun can slow down the process of healing.

15 color concealer paletteWhether your skin has blemishes, spots or acne, applying the best makeup is very important. You need to know your skin type, pick the right foundation and primer and choose the best concealer. If you want the best concealer, then you need to consider using 15 color concealer palette. It’s among the best concealers that’s currently in the market.


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