Top 5 Men Haircut Trends in Autumn-Winter 2018

Being a man doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your physical appearance. If anything men have the responsibility to work as hard as women to maintain their public image, which of course comes as a result of the first impression. One of the ways men ensure to achieve that is through regular haircuts. Whether you choose to individually use the Flyco razor at the comfort of your home or book barber appointment, the primary goal should be to match your haircut style with the shape of your face. Try out some of this famous 2018 men haircut trends and get your unique favorite list;

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The Wavy Curly Hair Look

If you have curly hair, then there is no doubt the wavy trend will look perfect on you. To achieve the look, apply a little bit of gel on your short hair for a flawless appeal. Wax and your favorite hairspray could also achieve awesome results.

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The Bad-boy Shaggy Hair Look

Who said you always have to be ” neat” to look good. A little bit of the bad-boy shaggy hair look wouldn’t change your character. All you need is a little bit of wax to raise your hair well enough and you would be on the move. The look is an impressive alternative for the festive season when there are lots of fun activities going around, including plenty of swimming and beach soaking.

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The Modern Crest Hair Style

Well, this look might seem outdated for some men but the truth is it’s back with a bang. Once you have made use of your Flyco razor to trim your short hair, you can proudly display this classic hair with a pair of sunglasses. After all, it’s still popular among the famous men we know! So you might as well join the David Beckham club.

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The indispensable Bangs

Bangs are great for short, long and medium hair. In fact, there are various bang hair options that wouldn’t require much use of your Flyco razor. The good thing about this look is the versatility it provides. You can switch from a ball dance appearance to an official gathering and then back to a cocktail party. This is one of the men’s haircut styles that leaves no room for boredom.

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The Ridge Path Hair Look

Popularly known as the faux, this look gives ample styling time. So long as you have sufficient wax/hairspray you can style it sideways or short races. We, however, recommend the use of wax for a long-lasting look.

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As you can see men’s haircut styles are quite versatile and original. You should, therefore, embrace what works for you in every season.

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