Top Make-up Trends Rocking The Face of 2017

With every season of the year that goes by, trends in the fashion industry go by, and so do those in the make-up niche. 2016 has much offer, but the ante has been upped with what has graced the various runways this year.The best make-up styles from the runway have made their way onto the street and are being proudly flaunted everywhere. Here is a list of the best make-up trends doing the rounds so far.

Plenty of blush

Though the cardinal rule is to usually go light on the blush so as not to take away from the other aspects of the face, 2017 has other ideas. Laying on the blush thick is the way to go. Be it starkly evident on the cheeks or transitioning from temple to cheek, evident blush is in.

Bold sweeps of pink should do away with the subtlety and add some warmth to your face. The rosy shade, even when heavily applied, adds a delicate touch to your look. To this add vampire matte liquid lipstick for a sophisticatedly cool look.


Bold lip colors

Bold colors are simply elegant due to the richness of the shade of color. Many a runway this year has been graced by single bold colors. The memorable ones have included fuchsia, peach, electric orange, neon and, of course, red.

Red has always been a kind of popular color when it comes to donning bold shades. In 2017, different kinds of red have been all the rage. Vampire matte liquid lipstick, for instance, offers bold, dark and subdued red that instantly stands out in all elegance while complementing the rest of your make-up.


Natural skin

Though the blush bomb is in this year, the opposite end of the spectrum is also making forward strides. Many have decided to don their natural skin and set it off with a bold color on the lips. This sets off look of having a health, radiant and conditioned skin.

For a number of people, it is easier to do away with the contouring, baking and strobing and settle for what mama left them. Adding a distinct and bold shade like Vampire matte liquid lipstick to the natural look will accentuate a chic elegance in your face.

Electric eye shadow and metallic pigments

As the year progresses, electric eye shadow is back and harking back to the days of disco. Ladies are stepping out with not one but a mixture of electric colors dabbed across the eyes. From silver to gold to copper, the looks being achieved are simply glorious.

Coupled with minimalistic natural skin and bold lips donning vampire matte liquid lipstick, the electric color palette is surely a look to try out this year.





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