Top Nail Art Design Ideas For The New Year

Have you ever seen someone rocking well-crafted nails and you wonder where they got them done? Probably yes. Some nail art designs are simple, beautiful and yet stand out from the typical everyday single-coloured patterns. As we have entered the new year, we have come up with the top nail art design that adds more beauty and fashion statement. You either have to buy a nail art kit that contains different-sized brushes such as drawing, angle, striping brush plus more to help you create a fantastic art design. They are as follows:

The Artistic Splash

Pick a classic nail colour like grey or silver and paint on a “splash” of artistic design. The blue and black work together to complement the base colour. Apply a glossy top coat to give your nails a nice smooth surface for the perfect matte finish. After the drying process, apply the matte top coat. The holographic top layer gives your nails a bit of pizzaz.

nail art kit

Holo Mountain

For this look, use clear polish to create a clean surface for you to blend the other nail paint. Choose a holographic accent instead of the full glitter nail design on the centre of your manicure. This pattern adds a shine to your nails plus aesthetic beauty.

nail art kit

Business Casual

The above design gives you a business look that is more fun. Apply a transparent nail polish at the base and let it dry. Pick a subtle coloured glittered nail paint to add to the bottom. For new shin, you can add a second glitter coat. Gold and pink glitter accent work well with most nail art designs.

nail art kit

Illusion Glitter

This design is gaining more popularity as the new year begins. You need a glitter and chrome tones to achieve a full illusion effect. Apply the base and wait for it to dry. Gently apply the chrome colour and add an additional second coat. Finish off with the glitter accent and voila. You get the illusion instantly.

nail art kit

Pink and Purple Moons

Most people love big designs because it’s, unlike the regular small circles. Choose a base colour like silver and apply pink and purple moons using two top coats. These two colours work well together and will make you stand out from the norm.

nail art kit

Starry Night

Sparkly design that gets you closer to your dreams and wishes for 2019. Choose a glitter nail polish and apply two top coats. You can add a different glitter accent to make it unique and shimmery.

nail art kit

To conclude, the new year brings new hopes and dreams. Why not get yourself ready by using the above designs? You will feel more geared up as you work on your nail art designs using a nail art kit. Remember to buy a nail art kit that has all essentials such as a drawing, dotting and angling brush plus more.


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