Top Nail Art Trends for 2018

Francesa is a 28-year-old artist. Whether real or acrylic, her canvas is as unique as each of her clients. They come to her Williamsburg nail studio in Brooklyn for the newest trends in nail art complimenting the latest fashion trends of the day. Francesa gets her inspiration from Manhattan’s most iconic designers and models.

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“I make my rounds in New York’s fashion district,” Francesca admits. “It’s where I find inspiration.”While some of last year’s trends are carrying over to spring and summer for the new year, Francesa has been using new ideas from the 2017 New York Fashion Week to her studio and work. And her clients couldn’t be more thrilled.

nail art kit

So here are the top 5 trends in nail art brought to you straight from the fashion runways in New York.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to visit an expensive nail studio to have these designs. You can create them for yourself. We’ll give you a list of items you need in your 2018 Nail Art Kit to DIY so you can save some money to style your own beautiful creations at home.

nail art kit

Top 5 Nail Art Trends for 2018

Logos & Brands

The Winter 2017 fashion shows saw Marc Jacobs and Kenzo models fashioning their designer’s brand down the runaway. Though mostly created from designer brands, you can create your own personal brand.

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Similar to logos and brands, the monogram has returned. These simple nail art designs use letters or an acronym that can personalize your own style.

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Abstract flowers, use of negative space (think triangles), clouds, and the checkered French are some of the best use of abstracts for your nails for 2018.

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Be creative with your metallics. Create metallic polka-dots atop a spring color backdrop. You should also use metallics to create stunning minimal accents.nail art kit


Use glitter to contrast your color like gold glitter against robin egg blue polish. Use glitter to get creative. Think outside of the box or beyond your nails. Dip the tips of your fingers in a glitter to create a unique new look.

nail art kit

Your DIY Nail Art Kit

To create some of these designs for yourself here is what you need to get started on your Nail Art Kit.

Alphabet nail stickers, a wooden cuticle sticks for easy application of stickers. Get an assortment of metallic polishes. You should include robin egg blue, black/white, light blue, shimmery purple, classic red, and some neutral colors like ballerina pink for your polishes. And don’t forget your glitters. Make sure to include golds, silvers, and other complimentary colors for your nails.




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