Trendy Hairstyles For Men in 2018

Fashion has become a major talking point in the last decade. There is no doubt that men have embraced this culture in different aspects of life. Hair is one of the major aspects that men have taken keen notice on. There are different types of styles that are the talk of the town hence this detailed expose of this crucial matter in our day to day life. In order to achieve a well-kempt hairstyle, technology has played a major role in achieving this. Technology has provided special machines to aid in styling hair which include LCD electric clipper, scissors, and mirror. These are a must-have for any hairdresser to achieve the best haircuts available.

LCD Electric Hair Clipper

Trying out a new haircut is always the easiest way to find a cool look. Short haircuts are always the most popular cuts for men. There is no exception for 2018. Besides, the recently medium length and chin length looks have become more common. But I have collect some trendiest hairstyles for men in 2018. They  include the following;

1. Buzzcut +angled part + skin fade.

This is stylish and easy cut to wear. Adding a shaved part like this takes the style to the next level.

LCD Electric Hair Clipper 2. Classic short hair for men with thick hair.

It has the same faded sides but more length on the top cut and styled with on-trend texture.

LCD Electric Hair Clipper 3. Taper + Beard + Natural curls.

This goes well with kinky curly hair. A lineup and low fade clean up the edges. The beard is trimmed on the upper cheeks and sidebands straightened.

 LCD Electric Hair Clipper 4. Classic slicked-back men’s cut.

This is a classic gentlemen style that has defied time. It gives any man a slick look and is comfortable to go with on special occasions such a work and dinner dates.

 LCD Electric Hair Clipper

5. Modern pompadour + low fade.

This gives a wavy texture and a natural finish for pomp trades comb lines. It goes well with a long beard.

LCD Electric Hair Clipper 6. Side parts + loose curls + low fade haircut.

This is for men with curly or wavy hair. It contracts wild texture on top with faded sides.

LCD Electric Hair Clipper

7. Temple fade haircut + hair and beard design.

In 2018, the hot trend is carrying shaved hair designs from the head into the beard forming a continuous line appearance.

LCD Electric Hair Clipper

Most men prefer short hairstyles to the medium and chin length styles. Short haircuts are easy to maintain since most men are at some point lazy to comb and straighten hair each day. These styles match most outfits that men prefer such as tuxedos and suits. Finally, short haircuts match well with beards. If you are finding a new hairstyle, pick up one of them and make you stylish in 2018


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