Tricks of Joanna Newsom’s Sweet Vintage Style

This time we’re gonna take a look at the sweet vintage queen in the red carpet, Joanna Newsom who is a very talented musician. When see her, no one can hold up his/her compliment about her retro style. Aiming at her look, surely we will get the tricks that how she can get good control of vintage style.

Sweet Vintage Style Sweet Vintage Style There is no doubt that what she wears is the first big factor to help her looking as vintage as she can. Correctly, everything she wears has loaded this charm, from gingham dresses to appliqued daisies. So, how can’t she become the retro queen?

Sweet Vintage Style Sweet Vintage Style Aside from the clothing she wears, makeup makes a great contribution to her. In particular, red lip with the help of makeup lip gloss or lipstick is her facial spotlight. Do you think so?

red makeup lipsSweet Vintage Style It seems that nothing can work for vintage style except from clothing and makeup. As a matter of fact, it is not the end. When you pay attention to her again, you will find that you lose sight of her pin curls and crown braids, which dedicate to fashionable retro look as well.

Sweet Vintage Style Sweet Vintage Style From the above, clothing in wearings, red lips in makeup and hair care of curling hairstyle are three major tricks for you to access to retro girls like Joanna Newsom.

Sweet Vintage Style Sweet Vintage Style Sweet Vintage Style


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