Tricks on How to Make Your Hair Smell Good

Surely, everyone has a deep impression on people whose hair smells good no matter who she is. It’s much more attractive than the smell of greasy and stale hair. Everyone hope the dating one has a scented hair as it will make us have a good mood and focus on the appointment. But it really is a difficult problem to deal with in summer due to the hot weather. In my opinion, there are few solutions for different reason about hair care as the follow.

dating  dating

First, the occupations of people vary from person to person so they have different working environment. For example, the chef is working in kitchen which might lead to a stale smell to his hair. On this basis, The chef should wear a hair net during the working time. Everyone should wash his hair regularly with good scented products and every other day or a couple of times a week is usually about right. By this way, it can appropriately mitigate the bad smell of hair. If sometimes you have not too much time to wait, the 5 Colors Hair-drying Shower Towel Cap Hat plays a irreplaceable role on it.

drying towl hat  drying towl hat

drying towl hat

Second, I think smoking also has an essential bad influence on the smell of hair. If possible, you should try your best to reduce or quit smoking which also is harmful for your health. As the saying goes, two birds were killed by one stone. So why not attempt to stop smoking?

beautiful hair  beautiful hair beautiful hair  beautiful hair

Third, sometimes your pillowcase, hats or even your brush can be blamed if the stale smell is lingering for some time. keeping your bedding washed regularly and smelling fresh, as well as head wear such as headbands and hats and wash your brushes/combs occasionally. What’ more, you can use some perfumes to make them smell great if you don’t think they are good enough.

beautiful hair  beautiful hair beautiful hair  beautiful hair


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