Trimming Hair by Using Pritech PR-1288

There are lots of chances for us to a trimmer, for example, trimming the mustache or baby hair. So when it comes to the hair trimmer, the experience of using it will be super important, and the trimmer should be definitely safe to use. For that reason, I am going to introduce you the Pritech PR-1288 electric razor.


Admittedly, it got me at the first sight out of its modern appearance, which is much more different from any shaver that I have ever met. It’s made from the high-tech mirror material that is imported from German. Moreover, there are two colors for you to choose, black and white, and both of them are designed in a fashionable shape.

Pritech PR-1288 Electric Razor Pritech PR-1288 Electric Razor

Aside from the impressive appearance, this Pritech razor is convenient and easy to use. There is a charge base of the razor, and after 8-10 hours charging on that base, the razor could be used about 45 minutes, which is going to satisfy your daily need. As you are heading out for work, you could leave the razor to charge, so that you could use it as you get back home or in tomorrow morning.

Pritech PR-1288 Electric Razor

If you got a kid or baby at home, you might need this one more than others. This one is designed for trimming baby hair also, and it’s absolutely safe to trim their hair at home, which can also save your time and money anyway.


I have already bought my boyfriend one as a gift. I have to stress that my boyfriend are critical about anything, but he does satisfied with this gift. He said that it was quite without loud noise while he turned on this Pritech shaver. And he said it’s optional to use this one, since there are three kinds of comb to choose so that the length of his beard is totally up to him.


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