Two Keys for DIY Hairdressing

One friend complained to me when she just had her hair cut.

“I swear to god this time. I will never, never go to a salon to get hair dressing. They are just so so bad…” She told me that having a simple hair cut took her a lot in both money and time for she had to queue up in order to get the most senior barber. However, after she finished cutting, she just found that was not what she wanted at all. She tried to ask the senior professional Barber to have it fixed, but the fact is he just made it worse. “You know what, the most annoying thing is, the Barber was just extremely confident about his work, and totally neglected my opinions. He was just so arrogant. It drove me mad.”

Hairdressing Scissors Suit

I believe this kind of hairdressing problem not only troubles my friend, but also bothering many other people, male or female. So why don’t learn to DIY your hairdressing. DIY hairdressing can meet all kind of picky requirements, save time from waiting the senior barber, save money, and bring you a strong sense of achievement.

Hairdressing Scissors Suit

I usually resort a DIY cutting for my bang and the hair ends, and sometimes I will help to cut my brother’s hair, and he is always very pleased with my job, because we can have very good communication about it, so I know well his needs. If you are interested in DIY hairdressing, please bear in mind the following two keys for making a good haircut.

Hairdressing Scissors Suit

Key No.1 Good Tools Make Good Barber
Before cutting, you must have to make sure that your preparation is ready. Actually, you just need to have a set of hairdressing scissors suit, which contains a flat scissors, a teeth scissors and a comb. The flat scissors works for balancing the cutting, especially for flat and neat bangs while the teeth scissors is just on the opposite, but it can make hair look natural. Comb is used to sort the hair into different parts, clear up the cut hair and  measure the length of the hair. All these three tools are irreplaceable to make a good-looking haircut.

Hairdressing Scissors Suit

Key No.2 Slow work yields fine products
DIY hairdressing requires much patience. The smaller the handful you make, the more perfect haircut you may achieve. As soon as you have an imagine in your mind, you can classify your hair into different parts, generally into four groups, the front left and right, and the back left and right, and then make it smaller. This depends on the thick of your hair. After classification, you should make it into 2 or three level, fix it up with hair clamps. For women, you should cut hair from the base-coat part, and then the middle layer, and finally the upper level. In this way, you will find your hair look more smooth and soft. For men, the processes are just reverse. And after you finish the length and shape problem, you should do some final touch-up work. Looking at the mirror carefully or ask your friends for suggestions, and make small improvements.

Hairdressing Scissors Suit

Although the service industry has grown very rapidly, but it is still very necessary for us to make some DIY chores. DIY nail art is also very interesting. If you have enough time, and your budget is permitted, I would like to recommend you a set of professional nail art kit, it include all the material and tools you may need. It is a good choice for beginner and for veterans. I hope this DIY tips can not only make your life more easy, simple, and meaningful.

professional nail art kit


When we appreciating the beauty of the world, we are also decorating the world. The fashion life is so colorful, so changeable, so restless and so unpredictable. I would like to be her follower, an eyewitness, and to catch the most delicate changes.

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