Two Necessary Products of Clown Contouring

clown contouring

Recently, a new makeup method —clown contouring become more and more popular in the internet. This amazing idea is created by Bella Delune who is a master of beauty makeup and has her unique idea about makeup. Do you know how she got this brilliant thought about makeup? She was treated with disdain as a clown by some net friends, which give an aspiration for her to create this surprising idea. Simply speaking, the clown contouring means that we should use a variety of cosmetics to make up a clown look and finally it become a beautiful makeup for us.

clown contouring clown contouringclown contouring

Inspired by YouTuber Bella Delune and her clown makeup contouring video, I am here to share you guys with this magical method of makeup. If you log in some social software such as Facebook, Google, YouTube and so on, you could in search of the key word—clown contouring and you could find out more and more people follow Bella Delune to have a try on it all over the world, even some men.

clown contouring clown contouring clown contouring clown contouring clown contouring

If you have the courage to try it, you should prepare some necessary product. First, you should need a set of makeup tools. Here I do recommend this 24pcs makeup set kit to you. In this makeup tools, it contains 24 brushes with high quality for different functions and all brushes are made from fiber hair which is Soft and comfortable for use. In addition, this set makeup tools give more opportunity to choose which you like most because it has three colors—black, pink and beige. Don’t hesitate to process one set of it!

makeup tools makeup tools makeup tools makeup tools

beautiful makeup beautiful makeup

Facial concealer cream palette

The second necessary product is the facial concealer cream palette. Why I choose this kind of concealer? The reason is that it has15 full colors palette Concealers, including the light colors, the medium colors and the dark colors. With it, we can save few money for buying so much concealers and it’s very convenient for us to bring outside. With regard to how to make up this clown contouring, you can have a look at the video on the YouTube and BuzzFeed. Hoping you share your effect and feeling to me after trying it!

Facial Concealer Cream Palette  Facial Concealer Cream Palette Facial Concealer Cream Paletteclown contouring clown contouring clown contouring



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