Two Things We Can Do to Preserve our Hair Colors

As we know, hair is one of the most important part of our appearance. So we always go to the hair salon to change our hairstyles and colors. We are happy when we walk out of the hair salon with a fresh and new color or hairstyle. However, we will feel pain and sorrow a few weeks later when we realize our new color is faded gradually. So try to preserve our hair colors is an important and necessary thing we should do. Here I will give you two advice.

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1.Don’t repeat to rinse our hair with the lather.
For many who color their hair, this advice is nothing new. It is true that shampoos can fade hair color. So we should try to reduce your weekly shampoos to preserve color. We’d better use shampoo once a week, the less the better. Now we’re not saying you should forgo shampooing, we’re just encouraging you to use less. But of course, when you buy a color-safe formula shampoo definitely will slow down fade and give you a virgin brazilian hair.

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2. Step away from the heat.
We all know that heat is bad for hair, so why do we step away from it. Since the heat will damage our scalp and hair nerve, surely it will accelerate the fading speed. So we should use the cold air or not too hot air when we use the hair dryer. Moreover, when we cook, we should wear a head cap so as to prevent the cooking heat coming into our hair directly.

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Two simple and useful ways to protect our hair color, why do we try to do it in our daily life. Here I want to give your another suggestion: if you don’t want to change your hair color frequently, you can choose to buy some discount wigs online or store. It is cheap and good quality, also can give you a new hairstyle.

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