Useful Tools for People Who have Trouble with Getting Rid of Blackheads

How to get rid of blackheads and acne on the face is a very common question asked by many people These black spots, also called comedones occur when skin pores become clogged with dirt, grease and bacteria. At first they are white, but gradually as they are exposed to air and contaminants in their environment, they become deep and dark unsightly blackheads. To solve this problem, here are some tools for you that are really useful as I have tested for you.


KOOGIS Blackhead Removal Mask Nose Face Facial Black Mud Clean Pore Peel Off Skin Care

As the most effective removal, the blackhead nose mask is the best choice for most of the people. By using this, you could tell from the effect that this one do peel off most of the blackhead on our nose. But, I have to stress that you shouldn’t use this too often, because this one could enlarge your pores.

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Luckyfine Peel-Off Blackhead Facial Black Masks Face Nose Deep Cleansing Remover

This one is also a peel-off blackhead facial mask, and this one is cheaper than the one above. Before applying this mask, it’s better to use hot towel to open your pores in advanced.

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Electric Blackhead Comedo Suction Tool Machine Diamond Dermabrasion Sucking-off V-face Lift

To get rid of blackheads without doing harm to your face, this one would be an ideal choice for you. It could suck the blackheads out of your skin, which is kind of amazing. And this could also shape your face. In view of that, you should give it a shot.

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