Where can I buy cheap mannequin heads

Mannequin heads are a basic tool of hairdressers-in-training. The mannequin heads are equipped with full heads of hair and allow the students to cut, set and blow dry them without concern that they might ruin a client’s real hair.
With Mannequin heads you get all the practice you need without torturing your roommate! Use any makeup from your kit on this Plastic Head and then wash it all off to use again. These makeup Mannequin heads are great for face painting or any beauty products. You can even use it to practice your latex construction make up. Use the Styro Heads to keep those wigs of yours from just laying around and keep them looking brand new!

Mannequin heads
Where to buy Mannequin heads
At Banggood.com you will find Mannequin heads of both Male and female sex, all race and shapes. The exciting part of it all is that they are very affordable to purchase.

No matter you are specialist or beginner, our mannequin head simulates a real human head. Help you practice and master your favorite techniques until you feel confident, prepared, and ready to perform on your customers.

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