Where to buy a derma roller

A dermaroller is a skin care device used to help rejuvenate the skin, treat acne scarring, and reduce signs of aging.
A dermaroller is a skin care device. On one end is a handle and on the other is a roller with lots of small, fine needles on its surface.

Derma roller

How it works
When the Dermaroller is rolled over the skin, the small, fine needles on the roller puncture the skin.
The holes that the needles create in the skin are tiny and considered to be superficial. For this reason, the treatment is not seen as invasive.
When the skin is punctured, this creates a controlled skin injury. It does not cause actual damage to the outer layer of skin. The needles help to break down any scar tissue.
The controlled injuries to the skin lead to superficial bleeding. This triggers the body’s wound healing response, and the following occurs:

  • the skin releases substances that stimulate growth.
  • new blood vessels form in the skin.
  • the skin starts to make more collagen.
    Over the next 5 days, the collagen produced by the body is deposited in the area of treated skin. This helps the skin to become firmer and may reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Where to buy a derma roller 

When selecting a dermaroller online or in the store, it is essential to buy from a trusted retailer. I would recommend you buy at Banggood . They are trusted dealers of derma rollers and their products are always of top quality.

Although dermarolling can be done at home, it is a good idea to speak with a dermatologist or doctor about any ongoing skin concerns.

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