Where to buy a mannequin head

A mannequin head is typically a display dummy that you normally see in a clothing store or a beauty shop. The ones used in a beauty shop are made of rubber and its inside filled with polyurethane. The hair is permanently attached to the head, and light makeup applied on its face. The head is about 12 inches tall and its circumference is about 21 inches, which means that when compared to a human head, it is slightly smaller. Apart from displaying in a beauty shop or clothing store, they are also used in beauty schools for students to train with. As you know, there is no a new beauty student will be allowed to practice hairstyling on a human head. Instead, they use mannequin heads first. Retail stores uses mannequin heads to present their products. The type of mannequin head you buy for sure makes a difference in how and whatever you are showcasing.

Where to buy a mannequin head

Retail stores buys both men and women mannequins heads, especially when showcasing their products in men and women sections. It’s important to note that mannequins are differently designed to meet the needs of a specific customer or agency. For instance, beauty schools needs mannequin heads which are portable and easier to transport from one point to the other.

For those looking to buy a mannequin head, it is very important that you know how to buy exactly the one you need. The following are just a few tips that you may want to consider when shopping for one;

Head size – for whatever reason, first determine the size of head is actually best for you. For instance, the best head for a beauty school is the larger while smaller heads are best for teaching children arts and crafts.

Materials – the materials differs since manufacturers are making heads from Styrofoam and vinyl.

Use case – if your intention is to use the head to showcase wigs or hats, you may want to consider the cheaper model, that is, Styrofoam heads instead of vinyl heads which are pretty expensive.

Where to buy

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