Where to Buy Gamma Ray Glasses

Eye wears have become an important piece in the world of fashion and style.  They help define a personality and lifestyle of the wearer. Well, not all glasses are meant for fashion and beauty. Some are made specifically for protection purposes to the wearer. People with vision related problems mostly wear glasses not just for fun but for safety reasons.

What are gamma ray glasses?

Gamma ray glasses are glasses that have an anti-glare coating that help protect your eyes from UV digital eyestrain. Just like Gunnars glasses, they meant to protect your eyes from eyestrain that comes as a result of starring at digital screens all day. They have a versatile magnification depending on the distance between you and the screen. For desktop or laptop users about 19+ inches away, select a magnification that is half your normal reading power. If it’s for your tablet or smartphone about 12-18 inches away, your normal reading power magnification will be good.

Where t Buy Gamma Ray Glasses

Benefits of gamma ray glasses

  • Affordable- comparing to other blue light glasses, Gamma ray glasses are surprisingly budget friendly yet high-quality glasses.
  • Durable and comfortable-with the high quality material used to make them, the glasses are light enough to wear them all day comfortably. Long term users who stare at screen almost the whole day will find them very comfortable and durable.
  • Protect your eyes- this is like the primary benefit of Gamma ray glasses. They reduce the amount of blue light exposed to your eyes hence reducing blue light hazards like dry eyes, blurred vision, sleep cycle disruption, visual fatigue and headaches.
  • Suits all face shapes- regardless of the shape of your face, Gamma rays glasses look good on all face shapes. They not only offer protection to your eyes but also a nice look on you.
  • Easy sizing process- Gamma ray glasses have an easy and transparent way of understanding your size. This is made possible because they include the bridge size, frame width and length, temple length, lens width and height. Though they offer a one-size-fits-all frame, know your sizing before ordering.

Where to buy Gamma ray glasses

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