Where to buy wig heads

Wig heads are designed to help a woman envision herself in a wig. They are helpful accessories especially for those who sells wig.

wig heads

Wig head options

Styrofoam wig Head
Styrofoam Head Wig Stands have been around forever and almost every wig owner has employed this specific type of wig stand at one time or another.

  • They’re really affordable.
  • They’re not easily damaged by water or wig products.
  • Can be used to store foam cosplay wigs.


  • They only come in 1 size and have to be altered to match the size and shape of your head.
  • They’re bulky to ship and too bulky to pack in your suitcase for travel.

Canvas wig Head
These are found most typically in the homes of people who spend a lot of time styling, “creating”, or making a wig.

  • They come in multiple head widths in ½ inch increments from 19” to 25”.
  • They come in 2 different sizes; short and tall. Good for shorter styled wigs and longer styled wigs.
  • They’re great for styling your wig.
  • Ideal for “making” wigs.
  • Can be used to store cosplay foam wigs.


  • You have to cover them to protect them from wig product damage.
  • Cannot be used to dry your wigs on as the water will damage them.

cosmetology wig head
These wig heads come with hair already applied to the mannequins head but there are some that can be purchased without hair to be used as a wig stand.

  • Easy to style wigs on.
  • Hold up to water and wig care products.
  • Can be used to store cosplay foam wigs.


  • Only come in one size and they are TINY!
  • They are expensive.
  • Take up too much space.
  • Not made with the consumer in mind.

Where to buy wig heads
At Banggood .com you are assured of getting top quality wig heads. They are affordable and very beautiful.
You don’t have to break into a bank to purchase a wig head. They are affordable and come in very handy. Instead of keeping your wig in bags where no one will see it, you can get a wig head and your wig will be showcased to your customers in style.

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