Today we want to raise a question that do you prefer to shave with electric razors or manual? Surely if you ask each person has a different opinion based on their experience, so today I will be a little more objective and I will make a comparison of both methods, because each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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The Manual Razor

The most obvious advantage is that manual razors, like straight razor kit, are easy to use, efficient. Above all, you do not have problem with the battery is spent, since you do not have to use the battery. When you move the blade on your face, it removes the dead cells of your skin as well. In usual, they are much smaller than the electric shavers, which allow you to take them for travelling.

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Among its drawbacks we find that we often cause annoying skin cuts, irritations, problems in the curved areas of the face and, sometimes the hair of our beard stays inside, also if we look for a better blade, the latest models that are going on sale are somewhat expensive and their blades of manual razors are spent right away.

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The Electric Razor

We have many types in the market and its use is becoming more common. We can find them with heads with rotating blades, or with vibrant blades of waterproof electric shaver. This second option is easier to use and the finish is better if you are going to use it every day so that the skin is getting accustomed and you have a better hurry of the hair.

waterproof electric shaver

Among its advantages we find that it is a way of shaving quite fast, especially for those lazy days in which we hardly have time to shave. As it is a dry shave we can use it anywhere, it is no longer necessary to have to plug in since many of the new models have batteries that last a lot.


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