Who can Get Tested for Coronavirus?

Due to the increase in the number of coronavirus cases around the world, governments has continued to transform more facilities into COVID-19 testing sites. However, getting tested isn’t as simple as just to show up at a testing facility. You see, if you do, there is a very good chance that you will be turned away, for now at least. The reason for this the fact that there is a shortage of testing kits all over the world; but the good is that they are being made and deployed, which means the testing capacity will continue to increase.

Who can get tested for coronavirus?

So, who can get tested for the virus?

Due to the limited number of testing kits, individuals considered to be at a higher risk of contracting the virus are the ones who are given priority. This includes those with underlying health conditions or the ones who are exhibiting strong symptoms associated with the disease. These symptoms include shortness of breath, pressure or pain in the chest area, bluish face or lips, coughing, and also confusion. Also, due to their age and vulnerability to the virus, the elderly are given priority when it comes to testing; in fact, they are encouraged to get tested early in order to try are prevent complications.

How to get tested for coronavirus

If you fall under the category of people who are tested and want to get tested, just avail yourself to a testing facility. Once you get there, the health professionals will examine you first, before they proceed with the testing.

What does the test consist of? And how long does it take?

Once you are examined, the health workers will then take a sample from your nose or the back of the throat with a cotton swab. The aim here will be to look for any signs of an active infection. The sample taken will go through a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which will tell if there are any virus’s genetic material. Now, for a COVID-19 diagnosis, the test has to identify two specific SARS-CoV-2 genes. Otherwise, it would be an inconclusive result. The test takes around 1-2 days.

So, let’s all do our part in ensuring that we beat these virus. KN95 face mask is the one the best measures to stop the spread of the virus. Remember that the virus is transmitted through bodily contact from infected people as well as droplets from an infected person. So to protect yourself from the virus, just this mask prevents these droplets from getting into your mouth or nose.


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