Who is Most at Risk for the Coronavirus Disease?

Since December 2019, coronavirus has wreaked havoc all over in the entire planet. It started in Wuhan Province in china back in December, but it has spread to a majority of the countries all over the world since then. The damage this virus is causing in people’s lives is unimaginable. People are dying every other day, in hundreds in some countries and thousands in others. Health care facilities are overwhelmed with the number of patients they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Who is most at risk for the coronavirus disease?

Now, this virus attacks individuals differently; there are those who are asymptomatic, there are those with mild, moderate and severe cases. Based on the information that is currently available majority of the coronavirus cases range from mild to moderate, which is actually a good thing in this situation. But there are also those who have severe cases, and end up requiring ventilators to breathe. It is crucial to note here that most of the severe cases are from people with compromised immune systems. So, here is a list of those people who are most at risk of developing complications after they get infected with the virus;

  • Persons who are 65 year of age and older.
  • Persons living in a nursing home or a care facility

Individuals with underlying medical conditions, especially if the conditions are not controlled. This category of people includes:

  • Individuals with chronic lung disease or those who are asthmatic.
  • Individuals with serious heart conditions
  • Individuals undergoing conditions such as cancer treatment, bone marrow or organ transplant, smoking, immune deficiencies, prolonged use of corticosteroids, poorly controlled HIV&AIDS, and other immune weakening medications.
  • Individuals with diabetes.
  • Individuals with severe obesity.
  • Individuals with liver disease
  • Individuals undergoing dialysis for chronic kidney disease

So, folks, it is imperative for us to observe hygiene at all times if we are to defeat this virus. Let’s wash our hands regularly and maintain social distancing rules. An automatic foaming soap dispenser plays a big role in ensuring that your hands are kept as clean as possible. It integrates well into the kitchen, bathroom and other environments, thereby providing you with a high-quality and elegant hand-washing experience.


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