Why most Girls Love to DIY Nail in Person

According to the statistics, the girls’ favorite is the beautiful nail art in addition to the makeup. If someone says that the makeup is to make other people happy when they see the flawless beautiful face, then the nail art is just a small detail to make myself more enjoying the life and beauty. Being a girl, do you have the same thought as well as me? Most girls try their best to make the nail look more charming and alluring by DIY nail design in person in their spare time. Why they would rather polish the nail in person at home than go outside to let the professional person to make it? For my part, I think doing the nail art in person at home can save more time as you have to wait if you go to some professional nail salon. On the other hand, sometimes the staff of nail salon cannot realize what kind of nail art do you want on earth.

nail art design nail art design nail art design

With regard to the nail polish, I do recommend this 15ml UV gel polish to you. From the first sight of its appearance, I just think that its bottle is so lovely and elegant. Maybe because I love the pink color very much. And there are so much kinds of colors for you guys to pick up. You can purchase few colors of them to do you DIY nail art design.

15ML UV nail polish nail art nail art nail art

What’s more, the 12 colors nail art pen also is the essential piece for your DIY process. It is very convenient for those who are not very good at nail art to use as it is so easy to control. The pen point of it is very small, so you can draw many detail on your nail.

nail art pen

Diy nail art Diy nail art Diy nail art


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