Xiaomi Electric Razor: Every Man’s Best Tool

The Xiaomi Electric razor is a portable razor with a difference – notably, its USB charger that makes travel for men so much simpler. Surely, the person who thought to include a USB connector to your phone got themselves a promotion – one less plug to carry in your luggage and therefore one less thing to remember – or forget. It is on such details that men make their choices for the razor. Better still – a fully-charged battery can last for 30 days – presuming a 3-minute shave a day. So, it’s portability credentials are definitely high.

Xiaomi Portable Razor

Travel was clearly in the mind of the Xiaomi designer of electric razors. Men need slim-line products that slip neatly into a bag’s side-pockets or even into the pocket of your jacket. This is exactly what the sleek design of the Xiaomi portable razor offers- coming in at about the size of a credit card and ultra slim.

Xiaomi Portable Razor

The Xiaomi razor is more than just its power supply and slim design. It is a stylish accessory made with tin-cobalt alloy coating – so it is plenty tough enough and durable for everyday travel. Beneath this is Japanese steel – hard and solid to the touch. This razor feels like it can last and therefore becomes the supreme value for money.

Xiaomi Electric Razor

But will it give you a great shave? It has a rotating blade design that oscillates at 7600 per minute. This means that the noise of a shave is really quite loud – and is definitely something you should consider when buying. But, what this also means is that the shave is clean and close and comfortable. Being made from Japanese steel, the blade is said to have the same quality as a Samurai Sword. This is quite the claim – and one that certainly raises an eyebrow and a nervous hand near the throat. And, to be fair, it does cut close with the minimum of rub.

Xiaomi Electric Razor

This is a dry shave device and as such, it is important that the blade is smooth against the face to stop irritation. Some buyers of this Xiaomi portable razor say it takes too long to shave – preferring the snappier cut of a wet shave and disposable blade. However, unlike the wet shave, you are never going to come away with an unsightly and irritating rash – so, maybe the additional time is worth the effort.

Xiaomi Electric Razor

When looking for electric razors men are clear that they want a clean, clear look, with a minimum of fuss and at a reasonable price. The Xiaomi Electric Razor does all this – and more – with its design aimed so well at the traveler. With only the noise as a downside, why wouldn’t you give this electric razor a go?



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