78% off for Xiaomi Electric Razor, Why not Try it Now

Shaving creams are no fun when shaving. Thanks to electric razors you do not have to use the creams to shave anymore. However, some people might get hesitant about electric shavers due to their hiked prices. Well, now is the time for that gold rush! Xiaomi Electric Razors are now on offer and not just a regular offer; they have cut a whole 78% off the normal sale price. Technically, the initial price was $199.99 but now has dropped all the way unbelievably to only $44.99. Do not miss out on this one; these kind of promotional offers are rare. The offer only runs from 4th September to 30th November. So why not try the Xiaomi Electric razor now?

Xiaomi Electric Razor

What are the features?

Other than the enticing offer, the Xiaomi Electric Razor has great features that will interest you. The following are some of the features that make this electronic shaver different and unique from others:

  • It is minimalist slim with an all-metal body. This makes the shaver portable since you can put it in your pockets comfortably.
  • It is light weighted. This shaver weighs only 100g with a width of 13.2mm and thus easy to carry around.
  • The razors are friendly to the skin thus quick shaving with more comfort.
  • It has a beautiful design of Voronoi geometry which looks much more like the wings of a dragon.Xiaomi Electric Razor
  • The steel that is used to make the blades of this shaver is sharp and hard; an inspiration from traditional Japanese sword known as Samurai sword. The razors have an acute angle of 27 degrees and thus a more enhanced force of cutting. The steel used has a hardness of 60HRC.
  • It shaves at a speed of 7800 rpm which is very high compared to regular shavers. While shaving, it will produce little noise of only 65Db. This makes it even more suitable for shaving the facial beard.
  • It has inbuilt batteries of a high-density, making the shaver to run for three minutes every day for a period of up to 30 days.
  • These shavers come in color black only.

Xiaomi Electric Razor

You do not have to walk to any store to purchase a Xiaomi Electric Razor as they are available online. All you need is some internet, a laptop or a smartphone. Click on this link and make your purchase right now when the offer is still on.


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