Xiaomi Intelligent Massager Makes You Relaxed

Ever had a knot on your shoulder and felt you need a massage? Had a backache especially at the small of your back? Or perhaps you had been running and now the muscles on the calves are excruciatingly painful….or generally having aching joints? These are some of the problems that we go through, and for some of us going to get a massage may seem impossible. This is often due to the unavailability of time or the fact that a massage therapy is a little bit too expensive just for a specific area.

 Xiaomi Intelligent Massager

But with the Xiaomi intelligent massager, those aches and pains in the muscles become a thing of the past. It can heat up and massage specific areas of the body without having you get out of the house. You can even do some work while it works for you. So what makes it a handy device to have with you? Let’s take a look.

 Xiaomi Intelligent Massager

  1. 8s Fast Heat

The device is a heated device, meaning even if you have no painful muscles and aches, it can still keep you warm. If you are a woman who suffers Dysmenorrhoea,  you can apply it on your belly to warm your belly to make you feel better.  Also, the heating can be adjusted to your liking. With 3 levels of heating, you can control the temperature that suits you at that moment.

Xiaomi Heated Massager

  1. Increased Surface Area

The patch is now 50% wider than before. This means a large portion of the body can easily be massaged or heated. Therefore it can easily wrap around the arm or leg. And with it weighing just a mere 21g, you can travel with it anywhere you want to.

Xiaomi Heated Massager

  1. Massage Mode

With TENS low-frequency stimulation, the device offers 4 modes of massage (automatic massage, pressing, kneading, and tapping). The massage modes also come in 20 different grades of strength, therefore helping you choose how much pressure you would want.

  1. Charging Capacity

The device is able to last for 3 hours a day. But all you need to be fully rejuvenated is just a maximum of 15 minutes a day. With only 15 minutes a day, the massager can easily be used for 15 days continuously without having to be charged again. However, when using the heating function, it has to be connected to a power supply.

Xiaomi Heated Massager

  1. App Control

This massager is controlled by an App and thus all you need is to tap on your phone and you are good to go. It also has supported OTA upgrades and more developing functions.

Xiaomi Intelligent Massager

The Xiaomi heated massager is quite easy to use. All you need is to place the patch sticker on the surface of the body to be heated, put the heated massager device on the patch and turn it on. From there, you can easily adjust the temperature and relax. But remember to connect it to a power source. If you want to massage, just do the same and select the massage option. The device is very useful especially after a long run or after a busy and strenuous day.





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