Xiaomi: Penetrating the Fashion Segment Through its Glasses

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that for the last 5 years has always dominated the news about smartphones as well as other electronic products. Dubbed the China’s Apple, the company continues to grow, spawning new products and has now even penetrated another segment, fashion!

Xiaomi Sunglasses

Turok Steinhardt as a depiction of the concept of Xiaomi in the fashion world

Xiaomi becomes increasingly creative in innovating as they not only rely on marketing in the smartphone market but also in fashion products. One that stands out is the glasses for protection against UV rays. Xiaomi seems to be starting to spread its wings on fashion glasses since the company released what was called Turok Steinhardt last year. The originality of Xiaomi’s concept of fashion is reflected in this product. This product really prioritizes its main function to protect the eyes from UV exposure is quite dangerous. However, prioritization of the function does not necessarily lead to neglect on the side of beauty. This glasses really illustrates Xiaomi’s experience in the field of glasses for work. To note, before releasing this sunglasses, Xiaomi already has a glasses production line (for work) that is certainly designed and made specifically to filter radiation from a computer screen.

Xiaomi Sunglasses

In this section we will discuss two new Xiaomi sunglasses; UV 400 TS Polarizing Film Glasses and UV 400 TS Polarized with UV-Proof. What’s special about these two products?

UV400 TS Polarizing Film Glasses ( 6 layers):

Sold for just $ 25.57 (at banggood.com), these glasses are perfect protection against UV rays. This Xiaomi sunglasses is light enough (0.0190 kg) and made of quality materials (stainless steel handle while lens made of TAC), making it can last for long. These glasses are made for men and women (unisex), so anyone can wear them. What’s interesting about this product is its screen, which consists of 6 layers, making it have the maximum protection against UV rays.

Xiaomi Sunglasses

UV400 TS Polarized with UV-Proof:

These beautiful glasses are devoted to travel fishing. Sold at a price of just $ 39.9, just like the above type, these glasses are designed to be worn by both men and women (unisex). This type offers vintage or classic characteristics, keeping you fashionable in the “past dressing.” The lens material is nylon while the stem material is metal. Not only made for UV protection, this product is also designed to protect its users from dust-proof and wind-proof. These glasses are made for people who like outdoor activities but want to keep a classic style.

Xiaomi Sunglasses


Of the three Xiaomi sunglasses above we can conclude that Xiaomi really serious in dominating the world of technology-based fashion. With its experience in screen technology, the Chinese company is truly able to integrate technology with attractive designs tailored to the needs and expectations of each user.




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