Xiaomi Soocare Soocas H3 Hairdryer Review

Day in day out we have suffered a lot from the bad hair dryers that lead to unhealthy hair. They ruin the texture of the hair, leaving the hair matted and weakening the thread of the hair. What’s worse, sometimes they even burn and dehydrate the user’s hair. Therefore, some people would rather use other methods to dry their hair than use a hairdryer. At many times we tend to ask ourselves can a hair dryer be used without damaging our hair?

Xiaomi Soocas H3

Xiaomi company came up with a solution for such hair problems by designing the Xiaomi Soocas H3 hair dryer

Its features include a slide switch to shut and start the machine, a 1.7m long power cord with high strength PVC enhancing flexibility, With a tilting mouthpiece shield, it has a cone-shaped navigation system to create stronger wind and the presence of large-sized fan blades which aid emitting an increased amount of gas from the machine.Xiaomi Soocas H3


Some of the pros of the machine include:

It has a rotatable long flat airflow gathering mouth that helps shape hair according to your preference. Coming with a high concentration of negative ions, it keeps the hair moisturized and silky. Equipped with a quick dryer of 1800 Watts, it can help dry your hair quickly without damaging your hair when you hurry up to go out. Considerably, it is made by Aluminum alloy body which lowers the temperature while drying your hair.

 Xiaomi Soocas H3

Its cons:  

It may be expensive for someone because it costs about two hundred dollars.

It is a good size but it cannot be folded hence it is inconvenient to carry around.

Its 1800 watts will make it a bit too loud for the user.

Xiaomi Soocas H3

Unlike other dryers, Xiaomi Soocas H3 helps moisturize the hair through dryness and stickiness. Hot air for the cold season, natural air for hot weather and stable wind for all weather, it can help you care your hair throughout the year.  To avoid hair damage this conditions can help preserve your hair in the best way possible. Therefore, you do not need to worry that it will lead to hair damage.

Xiaomi Soocas H3

Many females today want to have beautiful flowing sexy hair. Xiaomi Soocas H3 dryer can help you have healthy beautiful hair without damaging it. Xiaomi Soocas H3 hair dryer can be purchased from the Banggood by use of preorders. If you are interested in it, you can have a try.


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