Xiaomi SOOCAS W3 review: The Best Oral Irrigator Under $60

Oral Irrigators

Xiaomi has consistently put resources into innovation for a sound way of life. They have been designing consistently contraption for a sound being, and their electronic toothbrush arrangement from Xiaomi SOOCAS is no exemption. Proceeding with their practice to bring shrewd gadgets, Xiaomi designs indeed thought of another oddity for sound teeth the Xiaomi SOOCAS W3. At the point when utilized along with a toothbrush, Oral Irrigators it can eliminate even the littlest “debris” stuck between the teeth. For more information, we welcome you to peruse further.

The Design

The Xiaomi has called this gadget as smaller and in a pole shape, however we can’t consider it a little. The Xiaomi SOOCAS W3 accompanies a white top and pale blue straightforward base with a short engraving of Soocas. At the front side, there are on/off catches, with decision of method of activity, and everything is enlightened by “moon” LEDs just beneath.

The water compartment is straightforward and non-removable. On one side of the compartment, there are checking for the volume of water, however why, if everything is as of now noticeable what’s the utilization of stamping?

Oral Irrigators

For filling the water into the compartment, there is a plastic plug at the front. The straightforward compartment is made of rather thick plastic and is tough, and yet do whatever it takes not to try too hard, as it can sever the mount. An elastic ring is likewise present in the mount, yet it is a pity that there is no extra in the pack, in the event that it slobbers. Every one of the catches sit on top that makes it advantageous to squeeze them with the forefinger.


Oral Irrigators

Gentle mode: delicate water pressure for first-time utilization of water flosser or oral sensitive.

Standard mode: standard water pressure, proficient cleaning, reasonable for a great many people

Massaging mode: obvious beat water stream can knead gums to mitigate oral dying


Huge Water Reservoir: A huge 230ml water supply 230ml huge limit water tank, loaded with water can completely meet the one-time use. No compelling reason to add water over and again during the time spent use. Contrasted and other little limit water tanks, it is more helpful and proficient.

IPX7 water resistance rating: It has a removable tip made of food-grade plastic and a 2,200mAh battery that will last as long as 30 days with typical utilization.

Oral Irrigators

Waterproof Design: 100% waterproof convenient water flosser. Soocas W3 water flosser has interesting double security insurance work, it will kill if there is any issue while utilizing it. It is prescribed to utilize delicate mode for novices

High Speed: It has high pulse which is ideal for patients with orthodontic treatment.


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Xiaomi SOOCAS W3 review: The Best Oral Irrigator Under $60
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Xiaomi SOOCAS W3 review: The Best Oral Irrigator Under $60
The combination of your regular toothbrush and an oral Irrigator can give you the healthy teeth you dream of. That's why I will be reviewing one of the best oral irrigators in 2021; SOOCAS W3


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